Protein Supplements For Gym Enthusiasts

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Protein supplements are often times mistaken as being for the sole use of gaining weight or even bodybuilding, this is not true, as many dietitians and so called weight loss gurus will endorse or recommend that one increases the intake of protein when trying to lose weight. Where the confusion often arises is the actual amount required or suggested dependent upon what your goals are, being weight gain or weight loss.

When considering a workout routine, one has to take into account the level of intensity or rigor of the workout sessions, as these have a direct bearing upon the amount of protein supplements or other protein that the average man (or woman) may require. Current nutritional statistics indicate that the average person, without doing any physical activities will require just over 0.35 grams per pound of body weight of protein or protein supplements. However for those that are involved in physical or fitness activities this amount with increase drastically, and the type of activity also has a bearing upon this amount.

In the case of an athlete or similar type of sport the amount of protein supplements required or at the very least recommended is certainly more than the above mentioned average requirement, however within the case of the gym enthusiast or more so the strength and body building trainer, this recommended amount is even more than that of the athlete, approximately double than the average man or woman. One of the most interesting points that has been provided by researchers is that when someone takes in excess of one gram of protein supplements or other source, they are in fact wasting their time, in that the body will not be able to burn off these calories which will ultimately result in ending up as fat on the body. To this end many a newcomer to bodybuilding or gym training will pursue a protein rich diet as well as incorporate protein supplements, which according to the specialists is in fact overkill, and really a pointless exercise as the individual is defeating the object here.

The effects of excessive protein consumption are another issue worth highlighting here, and tests have revealed that an increased risk of gout, osteoporosis as well as kidney stones may come about from such excessive intake. As the old saying goes ‘all in moderation’, is well worth keeping in mind here. If you are at doubtful or lacking the knowledge within this area then the best bet would be to seek professional advice regarding such intake, as well as your specific dietary requirements in line with your exercise routines.

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