Supplements To Lower Bad Cholesterol

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Firstly, it is important to realize that whilst cholesterol is needed by our bodies to perform certain functions, if levels increase significantly this could lead to things such as heart disease. So how do you know if you have bad cholesterol? Well with a very simple blood test done by your doctor. Cholesterol problems are fairly common and so most doctors are on the look out for it. If you are diagnosed with this problem, there is no need for panic as there are various supplements to lower bad cholesterol available to you.

Most people these days are trying to avoid medication and are moving towards a more natural route. Cholesterol is one of those things that can be very effectively managed with small changes to your lifestyle and with a few simple herbal remedies.

Before you make the decision to go the natural route it is important to discuss this with your doctor. If your cholesterol levels are too high you may need a more aggressive treatment.

Of course the most important thing to remember is that you are going to have to fit in a certain amount of physical activity into your daily routine. Cholesterol levels can be directly related to weight issues.

When it comes to feeding your body with the right things, there are a few ingredients which could help in lowering your cholesterol levels.

Cinnamon has been seen to reduce cholesterol levels, especially in diabetic patients. This can be consumed normally or it does come in a supplement form which will give you a concentrated dosage.

Garlic, another wonderful thing. Not only an essential ingredient in any dish but can also target bad cholesterol. Garlic also comes in various supplement forms and will contain about 500 milligrams allicin, its useful compound. Studies have shown that about 900 mg/day has the potential to considerably lower bad cholesterol.

Green tea is something else that should be added to your daily consumption list. As good as drinking green tea is for you, supplements are better as they do not contain any caffeine, and one capsule is the equivalent of around five cups.

When it comes to vitamins and minerals you will need to get these through supplements. Make sure you find a good magnesium and Niacin source. Magnesium helps your body absorb cholesterol and avoids it being stored and building up. You will also need Vitamin B-5 and Omega-3 which is found in its best form in fish oil.

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