What Pros Think About Sex, Erectile Dysfunction and Affordable Generic Viagra

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We have asked Thomas Allberg, a sexologist with 15 years of experience at Toronto Central Hospital, to share his vision on the state of affairs around modern perception of sexual life and erectile dysfunction aspects.

What does the perception of sex in these days looks like? 

Well, mostly it is associated with joy and pleasure; although while in younger people it is characterized by naturalness and spontaneity, mature – routine, the older males tend to talk about problems, or remain silent about them to be more exact.

Is it possible to somehow describe a typical man suffering from erectile dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction

As a rule, it is a male with an increased body mass, a harbinger of cardiovascular disorders and diabetes, with a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and drinking alcohol in quantities above norms (as oddly enough, a moderate amount of alcohol may serve as the protection of the male body).

How crucial is the importance of having sex every 24 hours?

For 19% of males it is important, but if we take the category of 40+ years olds – 4-5 sexual intercourses per month is an optimum.

How much time does it take from the very first thoughts about sex to the onset of sexual intercourse?

In healthy men and men with erectile dysfunction the period is almost the same – 35 – 40 minutes. It is characteristic that in men with age and erectile dysfunction this period is even declining. The spontaneity is crucial for roughly 70% of couples, and there are no standard time frames.

When do people usually seek for medical attention?

The majority is not likely to consult a specialist in the early stages of the problem, as a rule they tend to visit doctors when things are worse than bad.

And what is the main goal of treatment? What people are looking to get?

Modern men would like to enjoy efficiency at any time. They do not want to think about whether the medicine worked or not. The patients want to live natural sexual life every day. Men rely on quick action, security, as well as a reasonable cost of the drug. Many ask, whether Generic Viagra is a short-term remedy or a long-term panacea. This speaks of the desire to be treated. People don’t want to be bound to their treatment – they want to enjoy the pleasure of sexual intercourse and again, spontaneity is very crucial.

Viagra was invented as a result of a failure in clinical trials of a completely different drug, but that’s not the only challenge it has made through.

A relatively high price for the drug is an obstacle for many?

Well, not necessarily. Of course, those having no money issues prefer to use branded medications. But those running on a tight budget have a wealth of alternatives. Of course, internet shopping is associated with risks, but if you purchase drugs at the right place, well maybe it is better than nothing. I’ve heard a lot about large platforms like Canadian Pharmacy, aggregating reputed online pharmacies, offering decent ED products. For some people it could be a way to go.

What requirements and preferences do nowadays patients have?

Well, nine out of ten want to have guarantees – something that is medicine is not perfect at on the whole. At the same time, eight out of ten are not enthusiastic about dose scheduling – they do not want to worry about the inconvenience of sexual intercourse. Long-acting drugs contribute to a more natural behavior of the patient, taking into account that the action of the pill may last up to around 30 hours; so yes, many like Cialis. As for efficiency, a good share of my patients appreciates Levitra. Personally I like the approach of my fellow German colleagues: they recommend trying all the three drugs and identify the most suitable for themselves – of course, this approach requires regular medical supervision. Therefore, if a person is not satisfied with Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis or Generic Levitra can be the alternatives. After all, men with erectile dysfunction are different, so the selection of drugs can be different too.

Those who prefer having sex a couple of times per month take advantage of Generic Viagra – a short-term action drug. Sexual intercourses in such men are perceived as a kind of party, and they are more likely to get carefully prepared; while for more natural and regular sex the use of Levitra and Cialis is preferred.

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