Consider Vitamin B8 Inositol As a Complete Health Supplement

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A number of specifics which will need to get mentioned regarding vitamin B8 inositol are very first that the human body is capable of synthesizing inositol by itself. Next, diet plans are certainly not lacking in inositol due to the fact it is taken in coming from both plant and animal resources. Finally, in order to attain performance with the management of psychological ailments, large dosages are required. Do not get us completely wrong, inositol is an extremely important chemical substance to wholesome functionality in all of us. It provides a number of various beneficial rewards. But simply due to the fact this is the situation, it does not mean that using inositol in health supplement form is beneficial.

Just as frequently occurs with chemical substances which are in prepared supply that the human body may synthesize by itself, it can be challenging to boost the amounts of the substance in the body by means of supplementation. This is a huge disadvantage to a great deal of health supplements. Suppliers of health supplements will frequently inform you of all the great things about their product, yet may fail to let you know that medical tests have indicated that using dietary supplements did not increase quantity of a substance inside the bloodstream.

It’s not automatically a side effect if you don’t think about throwing away dollars a side effect. But simply think about this. Within a medical trial, a dual blind, handled research has been started which compared inositol with fluvoxamine in dealing with anxiety attacks. There have been 20 individuals that each received around 18 grams of inositol each day for 30 days. Which is 18 grams! 18,000mg each day. Will anybody care at that time if inositol is confirmed to be successful? Who in their best thoughts is planning to consume 36 500mg inositol tablets each day? Therefore although this is not a side effect, you need to be mindful when studying about a few of the great things about health supplements, due to the fact vendors will not often let you know the amounts that are required in order to get the specified advantages from the medicine.

That being mentioned, we however believe that using inositol as being a health supplement is a great idea, particularly when coupled with choline. This is because inositol and choline resemble and complimentary in nature one to the other. These two assist control fats along with cholestrerol levels, and have already been proven to help the brain too. Even though the two have been positioned into the group of Vitamin B, these theoretically are not B Vitamins, even though they certainly are based on the family. Choline is actually a precursor to acetylcholine that is an important neurotransmitter within the human brain.

Therefore having a health supplement with several complimentary substances is a lot like obtaining two times the value for your money. Consequently, rather than needing to have an entire bunch of inositol, it is possible to essentially use 50 % as much of each.

When you are fighting for your health and well being, it is also essential to be informed on all the natural supplements available. Check out the vitamin B8 information we provide. They are high-quality and totally natural compounds, created to improve the quality of life!

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Vitamin C and Your Cardiovascular System

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Until recently, researchers have focused on vitamin C’s role in fighting infection and have overlooked a function of vitamin C that may be even more critical – its role in preserving the health of the cardiovascular system. It is surprising that this role has been so overshadowed by vitamin C’s other jobs because it is so important.

By bolstering vitamin E, vitamin C also protects against the oxidation of lipoproteins, the first step in a long cascade of events that lead to hardening of the arteries. Fats travel through the bloodstream on lipoproteins, balls that consist of lipid molecules, protein, and some antioxidants, including vitamin E. Lipoproteins are highly vulnerable to free radical attack. If a free radical attacks a lipoprotein, vitamin E will defend it by reducing the free radical and, by doing so, will become a free radical itself. If E remains a free radical, it will be lost to the antioxidant system, and the lipoprotein it protects will be defenseless against the next free radical it encounters. Fortunately, vitamin C can rescue the vitamin E radical. Water-soluble vitamin C travels through the bloodstream; when it encounters a lipoprotein, it curls up close to it or to the cell membrane, recharging the vitamin E radical. In addition, vitamin C can also defuse any free radicals that it encounters, helping the body maintain its antioxidant advantage.

Taking vitamin C supplements can reduce the risk of heart disease. According to the study conducted at the School of Public Health at UCLA under the direction of James Enstrom, men who took 300 milligrams of vitamin C daily had a 45 percent lower risk of heart disease than men who took less than 49 milligrams daily. It seems obvious that people who consume the lowest levels of vitamin C are not giving their bodies the tools they need to protect themselves against free radicals.

If you need more evidence that vitamin C is a heart-healthy vitamin, let me refer you to a fascinating study conducted at the University of Maryland School of Medicine that created quite a stir when it was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1997. The purpose of the study was to assess the short-term effect of a single high-fat meal on the functioning of the inner layer of an artery, the endothelium. Impairment of endothelial function can disrupt normal blood flow and is an early sign of heart disease. In the study, twenty healthy volunteers were given either a high-fat meal (consisting of 50 grams of fat), a low-fat meal (0 fat) or a high-fat meal and pretreatment with oral administration of 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C and 800 I.U. of vitamin E. After the meal, the researchers measured blood flow through the artery using an ultrasound device. They found that blood flow was negatively affected for up to four hours following the high-fat meal without supplements, but these negative changes did not occur in the people who ate the low-fat meal or in those who took supplements. By the way, this doesn’t give you carte blanche to eat all the fat you want as long as you pop a vitamin pill before each meal. This test showed the effect of supplements on one high-fat meal, and we don’t know whether it would have the same effect over the long term. I suspect that the sensible combination of watching your fat intake and taking your antioxidant network supplements will prove to be a one-two punch against heart disease.

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Alzheimer’s Disease And Omega-3

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Alzheimer’s Disease became known when President Ronald Reagan contracted and eventually died from the complications. With more baby boomers entering their senior years more and more people will develop this disease. So what is Alzheimer’s Disease, what causes it and can it be prevented?

Alzheimer’s Disease

This disease is a type of dementia that affects memory, behavior, and thinking. This is a progressive disease that over time will gradually get worse.

This is normally thought of affecting people in their senior years, over 65 years of age. It has been determined that up to five per cent of the people who contracted this disease develop it at an early age of 40 to 50 years of age.

The average length of time a person lives after developing Alzheimer’s Disease is about eight years. But some people can live up to twenty more years depending on their health.

What Causes Alzheimer’s Disease

The causes of Alzheimer’s Disease are not known, but several theories have been developed. It is believed that genetics, environmental factors and lifestyle are the main causes of this disease.

When a person who dies from this disease brain is examined, several things are noticed that are different from normal brains. These abnormal differences are

Tangles – In order to carry nutrients and other vital items through the brain, the brain depends on a protein called tau. In diseased brains, these tau proteins are found twisted into tangles, preventing the brain cells from receiving nutrients.
Plaques – These are bunches of protein called beta-amyloid which interfere with the brains communication. They are found in clusters inside a diseased brain.

Can it Be Prevented

There is no known cure for this disease at this time. But research is promising, which may find drugs that can delay, slow and even prevent the disease.

Recent studies with mice have found that the fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) may prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease in humans. This is not surprising, since DHA has been found to prevent depression and also stop it.

DHA comes from Omega-3, fish oil, and is used by the brain and eyes to develop cells.


Alzheimer’s Disease affects mainly the elderly but can affect people as young as 40 years of age. The cause of this disease is not known nor is there a cure. But there is hope that Omega-3 can prevent the onset of this disease and maybe even cure it.

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3 Reasons Why Folic Acid Is Okay To Take Daily

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I’ll bet you know more than a few people who are reluctant to take any form of a supplement. This could be because they don’t like taking pills. It might be because they are confused over which vitamin will actually benefit them. However, there is one vitamin that will help you, so here are three reasons why folic acid is okay to take daily.

There are two reasons why most people take their daily vitamins. The first is to make them feel healthy and give them a sense of well-being. The second is because they know a particular vitamin will help protect them against future health problems.


There are many thousands of people nowadays that suffer from depression. One of the major causes is thought to be high levels of homocysteine. Tests have shown that people who are depressed have a folic acid deficiency. Studies have shown that taking folic acid reduces the homocysteine levels.


Research has shown that increased homocysteine concentrations affect the body’s collagen, which is the main protein in bone. This results in a defective bone matrix. This is especially prevalent in postmenopausal women. Supplements containing folic acid will reduce this amino acid level.


In this condition, the walls of your arteries become coated with a fatty material. Over time this will thicken and harden into a plaque which then restricts the flow of blood. High levels of homocysteine will damage the walls of your arteries making them more susceptible to the build-up of this plaque.

As you can see it is essential that you keep your levels of homocysteine down to where they should be. Fortunately, folic acid is available in a wide variety of foods. These include lentils, walnuts, cabbage, whole-wheat flour, avocado, mushrooms, Asparagus and fresh spinach. The recommended daily dosage is 400 micrograms.

Because your body uses folic acid in many different ways every day is essential to maintain the correct level of this vitamin. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on your diet giving you the required amount. You need to supplement this with a multivitamin tablet.

Not all multivitamin tablets provide you with any real benefit. Therefore, it’s important you look for a supplement that not only provides vitamins and minerals but also essential herbal extracts. These will include such ingredients as green tea extract and ginkgo biloba.

A supplement containing these and many others will give you increased energy and an overall sense of well-being.

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True Health Benefits From Royal Jelly

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The will power to defy any physical impediments cannot only be done by ourselves alone, it must be achieved by doing the right healthy lifestyle. Everything today moves so rapidly that all of us realized how we must cope up to meet the demands of our daily lifestyle. Because of our fast paced way of life, adjusting to the movement of our environment, we sometimes forget or lacks the time to attend to our body’s needs, therefore subconsciously implementing some health threats to our body. That’s why whenever people can find an ample amount of time to relax or do some activities which improves body health they do so. Aside from that, taking in some vitamins and eating the proper food are also essential factors in overcoming the attacks of illnesses.

There are really numerous ways in order to maintain a good body and mind even though we are usually busy with other matters at work, school or even at home. Royal jelly is only some to name a few of the most verified helpful organic drugs which are available in the market. The said organic product is said to be useful towards attaining a healthy and lovely body health.

Due to the fact that it has antibiotic components, our body defence system is strengthen and it will be a benefit most especially on the latter part of our life where we are more tend to sicknesses. Plus the presence of protein and other nutrients needed by our body made it popular in many people.

Many people are still not aware with these two wonderful natural health agents and this article will somehow provide you some knowledge about it and to start, we will talk about rosehip which most of us have heard of it before. A healthy skin tone and youthful aura is usually connected to get from this one. It also contains some of the highly essential fatty acids and antioxidant agents which is why it is continuously getting high praises from that person who takes it.

Through all the friendly effects which we can get from it, Royal Jelly were regarded as some of medicine’s most prized ownership and the desire by more people made it a highly popular and effective health instrument. Although there are already artificially made drugs available in the market which also proves to be effective in managing our health, still natural medicinal discoveries are still worth trying for and sometimes are more recommended. In tune to make your use of any drug, whether it is naturally made or not, it would always be a practical step to seek the guidance of your doctor to know more about it and furthermore, to prevent any undesirable allergies or body reactions.

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Omega 3 Fish Oil Guide

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It’s a fact that fish oil omega 3 is good for your health. But not any fish oil. There’s been a lot of research of what kind of fish species is better than the other and even from where the fish’s been caught.

It’s been found that fish from cold water off the Southern coast of New Zeeland is the best because it’s almost free from pollution and industrial effects. And also that hoki is the best species because it’s one of few species that has a very high level of omega 3.

Health benefits from fish oil omega 3

There are several benefits, for instance:

  • The brain

The human brain consists of 60% fats and about half of that is DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) omega 3. So if your brain doesn’t get enough of this omega 3 fatty acid you’ll probably won’t function as well as you should. The absence of it could cause, for example, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and ADHD which a lot of young people suffers from today.

  • The heart

Omega 3 has been proven to help people with heart disease. The fatty acid helps the blood platelets less sticky which prevents the blood from clumping together and the blood flow will improve.

  • Arthritis

Pains from arthritis are due to inflammation. A supplement of omega 3 has shown that the pain from rheumatoid arthritis can be eased.

  • Skin disorders

Many skin disorders come from inflammation. Omega 3’s anti-inflammatory quality often makes the skin much better even if it doesn’t cure it.

  • Pregnancy

The fetus’s brain needs a great deal of DHA and EPA from omega 3. That’s an irrefutable fact. If you’re pregnant you’re strongly advised to use a purified fish oil supplement to give your fetus’s brain the best chance to develope as good as it should. You should always speak with your doctor first of course.

Breast feeding mothers should also consider to use purified fish oil. The omega 3 you obtain in your diet is passed along to your baby when you breast feed.

As omega 3 is an essential fatty acid, essential meaning that our bodies need it but cannot produce it of its own, it’s important that you either eat diet with a lot of omega 3 in it or use supplements.

  • Cancer

Although there has to be more studies on the subject, it seems that omega 3 may help cancer from occurring or prevent the process if it’s already occurred.

These are some of the benefits you’ll get from using fish oil omega 3.

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The Benefits of Whey Protein Supplements

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Whey protein is a pure, natural, high quality protein that is derived from cow milk. It is a rich source of the essential amino acids that are needed by the body on a daily basis. It contains little to no fat, lactose or cholesterol and provides a number of benefits in areas including sports nutrition, weight management, immune support, bone health, and general wellness.

Depending on the health of our digestive tract, stress and fitness levels, only a portion of the whole proteins we consume on a daily basis are actually absorbed and taken up into our cells. The balance is moved out as waste. This is because all the protein found in whole foods as well as most protein supplements requires significant digestion before it can be absorbed throughout the body. Whey protein is a unique form of protein designed for quick and complete absorption. In fact, it is so nutritionally superior that it is commonly given to individuals with chronic debilitating diseases, and others with increased protein needs such as professional athletes, weekend warriors, dieters and any person looking to fortify their daily protein needs.

Of all the proteins, Hydrolyzed whey protein in the market is the most advanced, fastest-absorbing type of protein in existence. Unlike other forms of protein, it has been enzymatically broken down for quicker and more complete absorption. Since the body absorbs and retains more of the protein, it provides greater nutrition than whey isolates, concentrates, soy, casein, or blends. This type of supplement delivers its protein as dipeptides and tripeptides instead of amino acids. This means that the peptides are delivered to the blood streams giving a better result.

Whey protein provides the body with the necessary building blocks to be able to produce amino acids which are used in building muscle tissues. It also contains the perfect combination of amino acids make up and is in the right concentrations to make it perform better in the body. Whey protein also plays a role as an antioxidant and helps support a health immune system. Most importantly, consistent intake together with exercise results into consistent muscle building.

Whey does not require digestion as it has been broken down to small absorbable peptides that require no digestion. This means that it is quickly absorbed into the body. The high absorption rate as well as the pre digested state makes it the best for muscle building. After one has trained for long, the proteins levels becomes deleted and whey protein comes in handy as it helps in replacing it. The whey supplements also help those who want to lose some extra fat because a good intake of protein balances the blood sugar levels.

When the blood sugar levels stay balanced, one does not need to eat more and has more energy and greater fat loss. Whey protein allows a person to control his or her diet effectively. Most people who want to change their body for the better could benefit from protein supplementation; however, since protein is naturally found in many food items deficiency is usually not a problem. The supplement is a soluble, very easy to digest. It quickly enters the body to provide the important essential amino acids needed to nourish muscles and other body tissues. Overall whey has a pleasant taste thanks to the patented new flavoring technology and comes in many fantastic flavors. A great tip to do is to make sure that one has all their favorite flavors with him so that you can use the one that you prefer and not get bored. And the last thing is that for those people who have difficulty in their digestive system as well as lactose intolerant, whey protein intake helps in solving such problems. The list of benefits could go on and on.

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Omega-3 Aids in Drug Addiction Recovery

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You’ve probably heard about how a diet rich in minerals and vitamins is the key to mental health and stable emotions, but now research shows that there could be a relationship between substance abuse and a deficiency in important nutrients. According to nutrition expert Carolyn Reuben, the human body responds to nutritional deficiencies in ways that eventually lead to behavior problems or drug addiction. In fact, she and many nutritionists believe that a deficiency in omega-3 fats is the real root of the problem. Taking an omega-3 supplement could help those recovering from drug addiction.

Omega-3 fatty acids and drug addiction

According to Reuben, a person’s drug of choice or symptoms can help experts identify if a nutrient deficiency is the cause. Often, a person who takes drugs or alcohol in order to feel “normal” is suffering from a bio-chemical anomaly that can be corrected by that substance. However, these deficiencies can be easily corrected by good nutrition and diet, sometimes with a multivitamin supplement and omega-3 fish oil. For instance, a person experiencing chronic depression might crave alcohol or other comforting foods because they suffer from a lack of dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of reward. When we have enough dopamine in our brains, or if our neurons can communicate dopamine well, we feel comfortable. When we have a dopamine deficiency, we look for relief from other sources – gambling, drugs, alcohol, and other potentially dangerous behaviors. In other words, the need for a drug is a sign that you do not have enough dopamine, or that the neurons are unable to transmit or receive dopamine signals.

Taking a fish oil pill provides a person with enough levels of omega-3 fats, which form the structure of neuron cell membranes. This keeps the membranes supple and flexible enough to receive and send out chemical messengers (neurotransmitters). A diet low on omega-3s and high in other types of fat will make cell membranes stiff, causing the brain to behave as if there is a neurotransmitter deficiency when in fact, the neurons just aren’t receiving the messages or misfiring the messages.

A comprehensive drug recovery program

While there are other environmental and lifestyle factors that can aggravate substance abuse, poor diet and nutritional deficiencies may be one of the key causes behind the increase in alcohol and drug use among students. If you know someone who think can benefit from a drug rehabilitation program, make sure that the regimen involves a full meal three times a day. Each meal must contain at least 20 grams of protein (for the amino acids), 4 cups of raw/lightly cooked vegetables, 500mg of L-glutamine, and 1,000-3,000mg of omega-3 fish oil. Caffeine, refined sugar, white flour, and other processed foods should be avoided because this might deplete the body of vitamins.

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What in the World Are Acai Berries?

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What in the world are Acai berries? Well, they are considered to be one of the most complete and balanced foods available. Pronounced ah-sigh-EE, this berry only grows in the Amazon. But you can have the benefits of this marvelous food with Acai berry tablets.

The indigenous peoples of the Amazon River basin have eaten the Acai for hundreds of years, touting its healing and restorative properties.

Acai is notoriously difficult to harvest. They grow at the tops of tall plants in an almost inaccessible part of the world. Not only that, they lose their nutritional value very quickly after being harvested, making export nearly impossible. Improvement in harvesting techniques, and the use of pasteurization and flash freezing, made it possible to capture these nutrients in the form of Acai juice and later, supplements. You’ll find Acai tablets, powder, juice, and even extracts in supermarkets, grocery stores, and health food stores just about anywhere you go. It does seem, however, that the supplements you find in health food stores are more likely to have been processed properly, retaining more of their nutritional value.

So, with all the hype, and the newly legendary powers of this magical fruit, what exactly does it do?


While the people of the Amazon River basin have trusted Acai for centuries, so far, only preliminary studies have been done by Western scientists. The University of Florida has conducted some testing, and researchers were pleased and surprised to find that Acai berries apparently work very well in helping cancer, weight loss, heart disease, and vascular health. Science Daily supports these findings, and even though this is a very new food to most of the world, it appears to be very promising.

Dieticians and nutritionists have known about the health benefits of berries for generations, with the blueberry possible being the most nutritious berry in the common arsenal. But, the blueberry has met its match with the Acai. The Acai is full of rivals all other foods in it percentages of vitamins and dietary fiber. Its level of antioxidants rival the legendary grape and red wine. Its healthy benefits reverse the effects of years of cholesterol build up, as well. (Antioxidants battle free radicals which cause Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases.)

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Caffeine Energy Drinks

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Caffeine is one of the most popular psychoactive compounds in the world. It has many properties that are similar to the top nitric oxide supplements, making it a perfect ingredient of fitness and bodybuilding. Caffeine comes in a variety of forms, including chocolate, tea, coffee, and hundreds of fitness drinks and energy beverages. Listed below are some of the top caffeine substances and how they can affect your workout performance.

Coffee and Chocolate

Drinking coffee in the morning is enough to wake your body up, but it simply does not have enough caffeine if you want to start using it as a bodybuilding supplement. If you are taking caffeine supplements, you should be careful about drinking too much coffee because it may give your body an overload.

Chocolate is good for your body, if it is consumed in moderation. Too much chocolate negatively affect the hormones and lead to hyperactivity, or a sugar rush. Excessive sugar can also lead to body fat deposits, so avoid any chocolate with large quantities of milk or sugar.

Sports Drinks

Energy drinks, or sports drinks, contain high quantities of caffeine, making them a perfect exercising supplement. Similar to nitric oxide supplements, caffeine will increase reflexes and help the body to function faster and with a higher level of energy. This is excellent for bodybuilders who are feeling tired and do not have the strength for a full workout. The caffeine boost will get the heart pumping and blood flowing, helping the body to be capable of much more than it would with no supplements.

Sports drinks are also packed with other helpful ingredients that will help your body to get all it can out of a workout. Many of these drinks contain vitamins and minerals that provided nutrition to the muscles and help them to work for longer periods of time before getting worn out. When the muscles receive large quantities of minerals, they will be capable of lifting heavier weights and lasting longer.

There are hundreds of different sports enhancing drinks on the market, so choosing the right one can be difficult. Before purchasing a drink, always look at the ingredients to find the calorie count, caffeine level, and any other significant ingredients. There is no supplement that is right for everyone, so may need to test out a few different products until you find something that suits you. Once you have found the right drink, develop a routine to get maximum results.

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