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When in the organism gathers much water, which cannot be assimilated, it produces many diseases: dropsy, pleurisy and others.

It is noticed that some diseases are caused by an excess quantity of water in the body. To get rid of the excess water, doctors put one under such conditions, at such heat, at which the excess water to evaporate. If iron is in excess, the human body needs to be put in such mental conditions, in which iron melts and evaporates.

Constipation is due to deficiency of water in the blood. Chestache – deficiency of warmth in feelings. When human feelings are warm, legs, hands and his whole body is warm buy Cialis Australia, as a result of which he feels in good spirits.

All diseases are caused by disharmony between the sympathetic and brain systems.

I say: Is the nervous system the one, which is upset? It is not upset, but blocked. I have a stomachache. Why? Those nerves of the spinal cord, through which the energy goes to the stomach and abdomen, are blocked. Expose your backbone to Sun, in order your nerves to unblock. If they do not unblock, the pains will inevitably follow you. Diseases are due to deficiency of energy. Blockages occur not only in the physical body, but in the other bodies, too.

The power, contained in the nitrogen, is associated with the nervous system and brain. Therefore, when nitrogen begins to decrease, anxiety is born in people. The fact that some people get mad or are seized by apoplexy is due to the lack of nitrogen – of its powers in brain substance, blood circulation is not proper, more blood comes to the head, which cannot be withdrawn back and it blocks certain centers, causing a strike and these blocked centers or organs are paralyzed.

Diseases, which attack people, are due to past and present sins. Nothing remains unpunished. Microbes that plague human organism today are nothing else, but the poison of fear, of hatred that cattle, chickens, lambs have felt toward man when he killed them. Is this possible? It is possible. In the way an

insulting word may poison and destroy the human organism, in the same way fear and hatred of animals, which man kills, poison his organism.

Know that microbes, which stack in human organism, are those, to which he has a certain predisposition. They become partners with him and begin to draw on his energy. Imperceptibly, he gets ill and becomes a victim. It is impossible for a microbe, with which you are in a disagreement, to stack into you.

The greater the quantity of gold in the blood is, the more healthy one is. Diseases are due to insufficient quantity of gold in the blood of people. To increase this gold, one shall lead a clean and noble life. Gold is a symbol of the Sun, of the energy, of the health, of purity.

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