Using Quality Digestive Supplements For Major Health Benefits

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These days there are plenty of digestive supplements on the market, first with probiotics and now prebiotics. Since research studies have been showing us the huge claims from the benefits of prebiotics we’ll see even more as the major food companies get involved, especially in the prebiotics market.

The digestive supplements market is huge, and for good reason; most of us complain about at least one digestive symptom, and often more than one. The poor western high processed diet is the main culprit, causing us digestive problems such as:

– bloating
– flatulence
– indigestion
– diarrhea
– allergies
– headaches
– constipation
– lower back pain

Since most of us can’t ever have a perfectly balanced digestive system, if there is such a thing, we can certainly help get things in order with a high quality digestive supplement… but which one?

The problem with probiotics

Some probiotic supplements were involved in legal cases because the claims they were making could not be proven. Now this isn’t to say probiotics are bad or anything like that, because they are an important type of bacteria we all need plenty of. The problem is that since probiotics are not self-sufficient, they can’t grow unless they are feed prebiotic nutrients, so just taking probiotic supplements is not going to do much good.

Since we all have probiotics naturally living in our intestinal tract, known as good bacteria, what it needs from us is the proper nutrients so they can grow and multiply to give us the bacterial balance we need for good digestive health.

Prebiotics cover a wider range

There are many different digestive supplements available for every type of symptom there is to be cured. If you have heartburn, buy a heartburn medication, you have constipation, buy a laxative, and so on. The problem with these products is they’re just a temporary band-aid to help ease a symptom. Prebiotics can often get to the root cause and cure it for good.

A common problem is many of the foods entering the stomach leave there without being properly digested. Undigested food that moves along the intestinal tract can cause all sorts of indigestive problems. A quality prebiotic supplement can produce enzymes that will digest food.

Prebiotics have zero calories, move along the digestive tract leaving their nutrients for probiotics to gobble up and then end up in the large intestine, also called the colon. Prebiotic fibers ferment, producing acids that inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria call pathogens, which stop them from forming tissue cells on the intestinal wall, where they can later turn into cancerous polyps.

So as you can see, just by learning of a couple of the things a prebiotic digestive supplement can do, it really is possible to get your bacterial balance in order, instead of just temporarily relieving the symptoms over and over again. indian generic viagra

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