ADD Remedies and Supplements

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There are many over-the-counter ADD remedies on the market. Not all of them are advertised in that way, because of US regulations concerning dietary supplements.

A dietary supplement cannot claim to prevent or treat any disease or condition unless it has FDA approval. Supplement manufacturers rarely seek FDA approval, because the benefits of their products spread by word of mouth and to a certain extent through internet advertising. Internet advertising is somewhat different from conventional advertising in terms of regulation.

When you are shopping for any type of supplement, whether it is to support your general health or to benefit an attention deficit disorder, there are several things to consider.

Safety is a main consideration. Although dietary supplements are generally safer than prescription drugs, there may be some risks.

For example, if the product is tainted with toxins like PCBs or pesticides, the benefits will be negligible if present at all. Exposure to PCBs and pesticides is known to contribute to attention deficit disorders. That may be why some cases improve with time. The body can eventually rid itself of the toxins, as long as exposure stops.

Herbal ADD remedies are the main ones to be concerned about when it comes to pesticides. When it comes to fish oil supplements, PCBs are a known problem.

Fish oil is often recommended because it provides the essential omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. The brain needs those nutrients to build new cells and to function normally. The nutrients are also necessary for normal brain development in childhood.

But consumer research groups have found that many popular fish oil brands are tainted with PCBs. PCBs have been banned for years, but they are persistent in the environment, especially in the water.

Mercury is another concern about fish oil ADD remedies. Mercury is a toxic heavy metal. Recent USGS in every fish and every water source tested.

In order to be certain you are getting a supplement that does not contain contaminants, you can look for one that has been molecularly distilled and/or tested for contaminants like PCBs and mercury.

There are always techniques the consumer can use to be sure the over-the-counter treatments being purchased are safe. The consumer can purchase organic herbs, purified fish oil supplements, nutritional supplements free of additives or preservatives and homeopathic ADD remedies that are formulated using the US Homeopathic Pharmacopeia.

Homeopathic remedies are among the safest. They have been used successfully for hundreds of years to treat hyperactivity, long before the term ADHD was being used.

Herbs are much like drugs. They can cause unwanted side effects. They must be carefully measured to ensure that the therapy provides benefits without risks.

Purchasing raw herbs from an herbalist might sound like a good idea, but it is really not the safest choice. There is less chance the treatment will be effective. There is an increased risk of overdose.

Fresh and unprocessed might be the best choice for foods, but it is not the best choice for ADD remedies. The best advice is to buy from a manufacturer you can trust.

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Synthetic Vitamins

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It’s an odd paradox that so many people in this world readily accept synthetic, engineered versions of foods in the quest to stay healthy. Much of what is on the shelves of most grocery stores is so processed, refined and chemically altered that it can hardly be called food at all.

And when you go to purchase vitamins to fill in the gaps of your diet, you’re in for a whole new world of engineered products that are anything but “good” for you. In fact, most of the vitamin products you find on shelves are synthetic vitamins, which will end up doing more damage to your health than good. It’s important to know more about what you eat or ingest. Your health depends on you having the right knowledge and taking action on what you know.

Synthetic Vitamin E Products – Not As Natural As You Think

You’ll find lots of Vitamin E tablets and gel caps that are readily available for purchase at affordable prices. However, even though the Vitamin E that is contained in these products is natural, the way these products deliver the vitamin to you are anything but. Yes, most Vitamin E products use the vitamin in its natural form, and they are proud to display this fact on their packaging, but it’s what they don’t tell you that can cause serious health risks and complications.


The first factor that makes Vitamin E synthetic blends bad is the fact that the vitamin is isolated from other co-factors (approx. 300 of them) that make it effective for health benefits in the first place. When these synthetic vitamins are produced, they extract and isolate d-alpha tocopherol, the natural form of Vitamin E, from other vitamins, minerals and nutrients that co-exist with the vitamin in healthy plant food sources. By taking the vitamin and isolating it from these co-factors, they are essentially stripping away the health benefits of taking Vitamin E, altogether.

Extremely High Doses

The average dosage in a Vitamin E capsule you buy at the store can be up to 10 times what you would get from eating a food that is high in Vitamin E. While it’s easy to assume that if a little is good, then more is better, this adage does not apply to Vitamin E. When you factor in the Vitamin E that you might get from foods, along with the mega-dose found in most supplements, you are getting way too much for your body to deal with. Top all of that off with the fact that the main source of these high Vitamin E doses are isolated, ineffective supplement forms, and you have a recipe for disaster.

The more you learn about the way Vitamins really work and how the synthetic versions are created, the easier it is to understand why you should avoid these products. It is simply reprehensible that so many physicians and healthcare professionals tell their patients to start taking vitamins, when the synthetic vitamins that people take are not effective and can actually cause harm to consumers.

Of course, the multi-billion dollar healthcare juggernaut knows the truth about these types of vitamin products, but they also need to keep their cash cow viable. Advising patients to take these dangerous synthetic vitamins is just another rouse used to keep people unhealthy and in need of medical services and products. Do yourself a favor and avoid these types of vitamins, for your own health’s sake.

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Fish Oil and Its Top Seven Benefits

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At present, fish oil supplements are among the most popular in the market. The reason for its popularity is the many health benefits that come with taking such supplements. In a time when there are many people suffering from illnesses and health conditions, consumers have become more health conscious, and this shows in their shopping choices.

It is important to note that the benefits associated to fish oil are backed by studies done by those in the scientific and medical field. Hence, all health claims are supported by research.

According to studies, there are seven key fish oil benefits. The first one is inflammation reduction. Thanks to the omega 3 fatty acids (specifically EPA), fish oil can help the body improve its inflammatory reaction. What this means is that those who take the supplements can avoid suffering from the likes of arthritis and prostatitis. In a way, one can avoid both inflammation problems as well as pain.

The second benefit is improved heart health. This is the reason most people try to take such supplements. The aforementioned fatty acids also are beneficial for the heart. Why? The fatty acids can help reduce the following: blood pressure, bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. On the contrary, it can increase good cholesterol (HDL). The third benefit is associated with the second one: heart attack prevention. When the passages of the arteries are blocked, the flow of blood is disrupted; this would then result in a heart attack. What is worse is a brain attack, also known as stroke, wherein the blood supply to the brain is blocked. According to studies, omega 3 fatty acids can dissolve clots before more serious problems occur.

The fourth benefit is cancer prevention. It was discovered that fish oil can prevent certain cancers, including breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. Omega 3 does this by hindering the growth of abnormal cells as well as the transformation of healthy cells into cancerous ones; it also causes the death of cancerous cells.

The fifth benefit is improved mental health. In adults, taking fish oil supplements is recommended for better focus and memory, among others. Expectant moms are also encouraged to take these supplements because it is said to have a positive effect on a child’s cognitive development. The sixth benefit is related to the fifth, as well. Many studies in psychiatry have found that these supplements also help fight symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder and the like.

The seventh benefit of fish oil supplements have something to do with ADHD and ADD. Thanks to omega 3, these childhood conditions can be made manageable, enabling kids to have a better life.

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Fish That Are Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

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Doctors have often commented that humans are required to include fish in their diet. Doctors emphasize that the inclusion of fish in the diet for humans provides adequate omega-3 fatty acids, which is a primary requirement of the heart. Fish is rich in omega-3 and can provide the required supplements to the heart and also the brain. It may not be possible for people to have fish every day. However people can choose to have supplements that are rich in omega-3 which will serve the purpose perfectly. People that can include fish in their diet regularly can look at the following breeds which are known to be rich in omega-3.

Types of fish that is rich in omega-3.

It is popularly believed that they are just three varieties of fish, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Contrary to the belief, one can find a long list of fish, which is also believed to be rich in omega-3. One could go on and on about the list that is available providing details about how different types of fish are capable of enriching the human body with the fatty acids. People often talk about Salmon, hoki and the tuna being the most popular and richest in omega-3. However, data proves that it is the innocuous mackerel which has the highest content of these acids.

The salmon stands a distant fifth in the list of fish, which is popular for these acids. It can also be mentioned that the tuna also stands at the eighth position. Mackerel has an omega-3 content of 2.6 for every 3.5 ounces while Salmon and tuna can only provide a content of 1.6 for 3.5 ounces. This shows that some of the lesser-known breeds have more omega-3 content in them than the ones that are popular. Even the herring has a better content of these acids than some of the popular breeds. It is quite possible that these fish are ignored because of their smaller size, and the fact that it would cost a great deal more to extract the oil from them. However one can never discount the fact that they are different breeds of fish, which carry more oil than the three which are spoken about regularly.

Irrespective about the breed that people choose to have it must be remembered that fish should always be skinned before being cooked. This action will help remove any contaminants, which may be imbibed by the fish. At the same time, it is also essential to understand that no amount of cleaning will deliver a product that can be had naturally without any contaminants included. It is for this reason that researchers and manufacturers have brought in a procedure which can remove all pollutants from the fish and deliver a product that is healthy for human consumption. People are known to have suffered from complications arising due to the consumption of contaminated fish. People that want to avoid such issues should be looking forward to purchasing omega three fish oil supplements which can help them better.

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Fish-Oil Supplements Provide More Benefits Than Fish

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What is the best source for omega-3 fatty acids? Would you choose to have fish in its natural form or would you look for supplements? Most of the time, people get confused about this choice, because a lot of people believe they are better off having fish with their diet. They think they are spending money unnecessarily when buying these products over whole fish. However, understand that fish in its natural form has contaminants, which can be harmful. If you have eaten natural fish for a long time, you are likely to disagree. Before making up your mind completely, finish reading this article, and then decide.

A Safer Option

Omega-3 products are made from oil extracted from fish. Because of this, you may think that it is no different from the fish you eat. However, understand that manufacturers put the oil through a process of purification, which eliminates the impurities within the oil making it fit for human consumption. You do not have this same setup to eliminate impurities from the fish you eat through the process of cooking. Therefore, you are getting the impurities that are not present in the product you buy. With these products, versus the fish, you can still get the omega-3 fatty acids your body needs without the worry of contaminants. The manufacturers try to make sure that these products you buy go through a process of distillation making them safer to consume.

Better Benefits

Eating fish alone will not give you the same type of benefits that supplements will. Your body can take more omega-3 fatty acids through products like these than from natural fish. Choosing these concentrated products can also give you the right amount and type of fatty acids you need to help you function at a higher level than before, which will help you maintain control over your health. Do you still think that consuming fish in its natural form is a better option for you? After going through the details, you may decide to change your opinion.

No Conclusion-Jumping

Now that you know why you should include omega-3 fatty acids into your diet, you may feel like rushing to the nearest store to buy these products. However, you must check with your doctor first, so that you know what exactly you will need. Learn about the different type of fatty acids that are essential to your body and the dosage that you should take. Remember to only buy products made by reputable companies who are well-known in the industry. Do not buy a product that looks attractive, but look for the product that will be most effective. By doing this, you can now find a suitable replacement for natural fish.

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Curcumin Supplements

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Curcumin supplements which are made from the spice turmeric, are one of the most effective cholesterol lowering supplements available. They raise HDL levels and lower total cholesterol levels.

Using nutritional substances to lower cholesterol naturally is always preferable to because unlike statin drugs, they have no toxic side effects. Some nutrients are more effective than others, and curcumin supplements fall into this category.

Curcumin also called turmeric is a spice that is related to ginger. It is becoming more and more popular of late due to it’s beneficial impact on a number of health problems, not the least of which is it’s ability to lower total cholesterol levels and raise HDL cholesterol.
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In animal experiments, curcumin supplements were able to reduce total cholesterol levels by 50% over the animals who did not get the curcumin. This is an amazing statistic, and although it remains to be seen how it applies to humans, there is every expectation that it will prove effective to people as well.

It appears to work by preventing the re-uptake of cholesterol in the large intestine by stimulating the production and excretion of bile acids. This way the cholesterol gets eliminated from your body rather than recycled back through the liver.

However curcumin supplements have another important benefit in their ability to raise HDL cholesterol by up to 29% within a weeks time while also lowering total cholesterol levels by over 11%. Triglyceride and phospholipids were also reduced.

This HDL raising effect provides further protection against heart disease, not to mention cancer, stroke, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. It’s interesting to note that India where use the spice turmeric (curcumin) has the lowest rate of Alzheimer’s disease in the world!

Suppressing inflammation is another powerful benefit for this amazing herb, and is what provides the benefits against chronic disease that curcumin supplements are noted for.

Another area where curcumin supplements provide important benefits is a phenomenon called “platelet aggregation,” this is a fancy medical term for the blood platelets sticking together.
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This greatly increases that chances for a dangerous blood clot which can travel through the bloodstream and cause a stroke or embolism. Curcumin counteracts this “sticky blood” syndrome. it does this by blocking the formation of a substance called thromboxane A2, which is responsible for abnormal blood clotting, and increasing prostacyclin which naturally inhibits blood clot formation.

Curcumin supplements are destined to become the superstar of cholesterol lowering supplements due to all of it’s proven benefits, and it’s complete lack of toxicity to the body, while lowering cholesterol naturally!

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Natural Supplements Vs Synthetic

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For several years now, we have been hearing reports released by health, nutrition, and medical experts discussing the state of health among people in the United States. These reports advise that many men, women and children are obese and do not eat the proper diet. However, there is a large segment of our population who are concerned about their health. And these people make sure their diets, good nutrition and proper health guidelines are a part of their daily lives. If you are just such a person and are concerned with attaining and maintaining good health you need to know and understand the connection between nutrition and health. You will also need to know about the basic benefits of natural vitamins and nutritional supplements.

There are some traditional forms of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that are made up of synthetic chemicals. Research indicates that these synthetic chemicals can have some residual effects that may be unhealthy if used over a long period of time. Now a rapidly growing number of experts who are suggesting that person who desires the best possible benefits from these vitamins and supplements should avoid the synthetic products. This is so important because of the potential for long term negative effects that may be caused by use of the synthetic products.
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There are other benefits of using natural products because they are absorbed into the body more quickly and more readily than the synthetic counterparts. Generally, natural products are also absorbed more fully into the system than synthetic products. Consequently, a greater benefit is derived from natural products than from synthetics.

Of course, the synthetic version of these products is probably less expensive, however; in the long run you will probably save money over time with the natural versions of these products. This is because there is evidence suggesting that natural products interact more readily and more fully with the body. In that case you are getting more bang for your buck using natural products. Additionally, as you develop a more healthy life style, you will not be ill as often and you may even avoid some major illnesses. For instance, some fish oils are not pure and may contain mercury and other chemicals contained in the fish before processing. Processing the contaminants out of the products for a natural fish oil supplement is expensive. Therefore, natural products are more expensive than synthetic. And that is one reason you should do your research and purchase only the best ingredients for your body.

Another example would be CoQ10. These products are not as closely regulated as medications; therefore, they may be more likely to contain contaminants or have more or less of the active ingredient than stated on the label. Thus, it is reasonable to predict that some poor-quality coenzyme Q10 supplements could cause side effects due to contaminants or other manufacturing defects. You should always choose high-quality natural supplements from reputable manufacturers.

Finally, if you are serious about developing a really meaningful change in lifestyle to more healthy living, you will want to include only the best possible foods, beverages, vitamins and nutritional supplements in your daily regimen. For your best life, using natural products will avoid putting potentially harmful chemicals and synthetic products into your body.

As you consider using natural vitamins and supplement choices, always consult your primary health care provider to determine which of the natural products suit your individual needs.

This is the only body and the only life you will have, why not make it the best it can be.

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Side Effects of Tribulus Terrestris

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Tribulus terrestris is a small thorny plant that has an important role in many forms of traditional medicine, and these days is particularly popular in supplements aimed at body builders and at men who wish to improve their sexual performance, as it has demonstrated significant effects upon testosterone levels and sexual behavior in several animal studies, as well as in In Vitro studies.

Naturally, as with any supplement that you might be considering using, it’s always a good idea to know whether there are any side effects associated with the plant, and whether the plant might cause any unwanted interactions with other supplements or medications that you might be using.

Happily, side effects of Tribulus terrestris are extremely rare, and very few have been reported. The side effects of Tribulus terrestris rather depend upon the effects that you wish to produce – to explain, as the major reason why most people take pure Tribulus extract is because they want to increase their testosterone levels, it would seem foolish to list (as some other sources have) an increase in free testosterone levels as a ‘side effect’ of using this plant! However it should be noted that an increase in testosterone levels would constitute an undesirable effect for most women – which is probably why this supplement is marketed mostly to men.

It should also be noted that an increase in testosterone levels can produce some unwanted side effects such as increased aggression, faster and thicker growth of hair and enlargement of the prostate gland, though as we saw above, these potentially unwanted effects of excess testosterone could hardly be termed side effects of Tribulus terrestris itself.


The most commonly reported side effect of taking Tribulus terrestris extract is mild stomach pain, which may or may not be accompanied by feelings of nausea. In most cases the problem can be averted by taking Tribulus extract with – or shortly after – food. If you are prone to upset stomachs then taking the supplement with a food such as live yoghurt will almost certainly prevent any discomfort.

Of course you should never attempt to consume the raw plant material – not only because the active ingredients are found in such small quantities that you would have to eat several kilograms of the plant to enjoy any significant effects, but mostly because the plant is covered in sharp thorns. There have been reports of injuries to a very few men who have been foolish enough to try eating the plant, including one instance of a man perforating the wall of his stomach.

One instance has been documented of Tribulus terrestris extract being linked to the development of gynaecomastia – a rare but benign condition which causes the enlargement of the breast region in men. This condition is well known to be linked to drugs which cause a rebalancing (or imbalance) in the normal regulation of the sex hormones. Unfortunately the study did not include a chemical analysis of the supplement that was taken, so it is difficult to draw a direct conclusion as to whether it was Tribulus extract itself – or some other component of the supplement in question – which caused the unfortunate man’s condition.


There are no well-documented cases of Tribulus terrestris extract interfering with the actions of prescription drugs, but Tribulus is not recommended for those suffering with heart conditions, diabetes, or any other long-term health problems. As with ANY natural supplement, you should always consult your doctor before taking the product if you are taking any medications.


Tribulus terrestris extract is now very commonly used by men all over the world, both on it’s own and as an ingredient of other supplements, and there have been no reports of serious problems following it’s use.

It is likely to remain an important sexual and physical enhancement supplement for athletes, bodybuilders and ordinary men alike.

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